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Klubitalotoiminnan kansainväliset standardit v. 2018

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Clubhouse International, formerly International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD), lays out four guaranteed Rights of membership, which are at the core of the Clubhouse Model:

  1. A right to a place to come;
  2. A right to meaningful relationships;
  3. A right to meaningful work; and
  4. A right to a place to return.

… Currently, there are over 325 clubhouses in 28 countries around the world …

… Every two years, the worldwide clubhouse community reviews the Standards, and amends them as deemed necessary. The process is coordinated by the Clubhouse International Standards Review Committee, which made up of members and staff of Clubhouse International-certified clubhouses from around the world. The Standards serve as a ”bill of rights” for members and a code of ethics for staff, oversight boards, and administrators. The Standards consistently emphasize choice, respect, and opportunity for all clubhouse members. Currently, there are 36 standards …

… These standards also provide the basis for assessing clubhouse quality, which is evaluated through the Clubhouse International certification process. Programs wishing to officially adopt the Clubhouse Model can request a visit from Clubhouse International Faculty Members (consisting of members and staff from various clubhouses around the world), who pay a three-day visit to the program, assessing its adherence to Clubhouse International Standards, giving feedback regarding the quality of the program, and, ultimately, deciding whether the official status of the program should be given the title of ”Clubhouse.” …


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